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Customer Testimonials

We hope you find our products top quality and our service to be the very best. At Speedhut, we want you to know that purchasing your gauges from us will be a satisfying experience. Check out below what some of our customers have to say about their gauges.

I received the gauges and I am ecstatic with the results...Thanks for all your help and patience. I will send a picture of their new home in my hotrod.

That's exactly what I was looking for. I'm in charge of product design for [a company] and am always interested on how to best serve our customers...what Speedhut is doing is ahead of the curve and the future for the markets...Please pass along my admiration for what your company is doing.

-Paul C.
I'd just like to say thanks for your efforts producing/shipping my new gauges. I think they look sweet! I'm also really impressed with warning lights and set up. Great Job! Thanks again!

-Rob T.
Thank you so much for all the time and effort you guys put into them. I shall send through some pics once they are installed.

-Rob G.
Awesome Job! These are perfect! More than I had hoped for in the beginning...The Instrument Panel & Gauges are such a critical part of the car's appearance! This is going to be a highlight of our car's interior. Thank You!

I can't wait to see the Gauges installed and on display everywhere I go! :)
I'll definitely be sharing my great experience with Speedhut to everyone I meet. :)

Again, I really appreciate your hard work and patience in creating them, I just can't thank you enough! Great Job!

-Steve C.
My speedo arrived this morning, it is superb. I am really pleased with how it looks, well worth all the emails. Many thanks for all your help.

-Matt P.
I've just installed your custom gauges in my Supra. They are awesome! Just the way I like it...I'm so glad that I didn't waste my money on other gauges out there. Thanks!

-Cao T.
I JUST got done installing the gauges I got from you guys on my 1999 Ford ZX2 and all I gotta say is they look bad! Ok just kidding! No for real they look AWESOME!

I installed them and was expecting them to look about how they did on eBay, then I turned the lights off in the garage, had my friends and family come out and look at my hours of labor of rewiring, ripping the dash apart and installing and flicked on the lights, it was an "oohhhhh" and "ahhhhhh" experience, we all LOVED them! I needed something a little cosmetic to add to the car, it's been nothing but suspension parts lately for the local autocross and my car was BEGGING me to do something to it, for SO long have I been looking at your website just drooling on the customer gauges, I finally saved up, got them and am MORE happy than I've been. The life it brings to the car in the day is awesome, and at night it just adds to the originality. I'm loving it!...YOU GUYS ROCK!

-Derek M.
I just wanted to thank you guys for everything keep up the good work. I will recommend everyone to check your guys out. I just finish installing the lights on the car and it was very easy I could not wait to congratulate you guys thank you again!

-Maya G.
If you have any skeptical customers in the future, forward them on to me and i'm willing to put in the good word about quality, speed and customer service which has been excellent.

-Chris M.
Now this is what I call customer service, I shall definitely be recommending you to my friends and putting a link to your WWW site on my site. Thank you very much. Kind regards

-Peter G.
I just wanted to let you know that I just got my indigo gauge overlays and HVAC overlay as well for my 96 Eclipse GS-T. They are absolutely amazing. I got the silver reverse with dark blue font for both and they look incredible!! The best money I have ever spent on a mod like this. Anybody who is even considering these would never second guess if they could see how they look on the car rather than a picture! Keep up the great work and I look forward to buying the new 2-1/16 gauges to match when they come out!

I'm just sending a big message of thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent work done on the ordered item. Thanks again

-Slav R.
Had no trouble at all installing the gauges. Slicker'n cow slobber! There's a write-up in the tech section of that helped immensely, but it was pretty straight forward and they look great. Thanks for your prompt attention and a great product.

Worth the wait? Oh yes!

It arrived on the morning of the 26th, superb product that's already installed and working a treat. There is always an element of doubt when you order something from a company that's a few thousand miles away but I needn't have worried, everything arrived excellently packaged, the tachometer gauge was particularly well presented. I am very impressed with both the quality and the workmanship of the replacement gauge overlays and tachometer.

You now have one very happy Golf MK3 GTI owning UK customer with a completely transformed instrument panel.
Keep up the good work!

-Rafael M., UK
The Celica 00-03 GT EL Custom Dials, I would like to say thanks for the fast shipment on this order. I went to a car show in Anderson, SC and I had so many people ask me about the Custom Dials and I told them that Speedhut hooked me up and also told them about your web-site. Thanks!

-Broadus K.
I just wanted to take a second to say first of all that my new gauges look great, but most of all to thank you for your technical support that you gave to me. That means a lot to me as a customer and I will definitely come back to Speedhut for all my gauge needs and also refer your company to all my friends. THANK YOU,

-Johnathan C.
It's people like this company that makes the world unique. My hat off to the workers at Speedhut. Thanks again,

-Ryan L.
The gauge cluster I ordered from your web site fit perfectly. I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation for your willingness to help me. After the hell I went through with ***** I was not ready to go at it again, but your outstanding customer service soothed my fears of another waste of my money. You are the perfect symbol of excellence when it comes to putting your customers first. Be advised that I will speak very highly of your web site to any of my friends looking for the same items I was. I cannot stress enough my overwhelming satisfaction, and the pleasant experience I had in dealing with you and your company. Thank you so much; you have gained a faithful customer in me...I may not need another gauge for a while, but rest assured that you will be highly recommended by me. God bless you, and thanks again.

-Christian S.
Just wanted to Thank-You for the great service and sweet custom gauges! As soon as they were installed, I’ve received nothing but compliments on them, recommending Speedhut for quality products. Thanks,

-Gena K.
Thank you very much for shipping this order with such quickness. I was assuming at least one to two weeks and I received the EL Glo gauge faces 3 days after I placed the order. I am very happy with the service and your company will be recommended highly at any car shows or online forums I attend.

-G. G.
I simply wanted to say "Thank You Completely" for the perfection of my new gauges.

I bought El-glo gauges for my 87"GT and received them today. I just want to tell you they are SWEET.
Thank you,

-Michael L.
I just wanted to tell you I received my gauges today (Thursday) which I ordered Sunday. These are very nice and the best quality I've seen. I would like to thank you for these gauges...I will make sure I post how great my experience was on some Focus message boards.

Just want to let you know that I came across your site in Sport Compact magazine when I was breezing through it off the shelf, real quick, to see if anything interesting caught my eye. Well, it did. ( Your site is awesome! I am defiantly going to get my gauges from you when I am ready. This site is great, to be able to see the product and have the ability to change things, Perfect. I am telling all my car buddy friends about your site. Definitely one of a kind! It is pretty hard to impress me too. I see a lot of garbage car sites from big name companies that suck. But yours is defiantly one of the best I have seen. Just thought I would let you know. Keep up the good work. Thanks Loyal Honda Owner

I have a 2000 Mercury cougar. I called and spoke to some of your associates. They were more than helpful and EXTREMELY polite. They got me my new gauges in 2 days! I was shocked to see them here so soon. But was even more shocked when I installed them tonight and saw how amazing they look. Being a store manager myself and dealing with a bunch of moody customers and complaints I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service and product. And will be telling every one about the great product and service.

-Kevin (P.A.P.)
I love how you guys do business! you sure know how to keep your customers happy! Thanks!

-Jose E.
I have just installed the overlay and the installation time was about 15 minutes. The appearance was improved so much that of the 3 fellow firefighters I am stationed with 2 wanted your information so they can purchase one for their vehicle. I will continue to "show" off mine in hopes that it will encourage others to "dress up" their area often over looked. THANK YOU,

I just got my over lay today, it installed in only a few minutes and it looks sweet. Thanks again...

I just received your EL font glow gauges for the Grand Prix. I would just like to tell you that they look really cool during the day and even better at night. Thanks again,

-Matt D.
These gauges are the BOMB! I love them when I get pictures I will be putting them on the site. The quality is #1!

-Don J.
These dials are the most killer thing that I have done to my car...they are so awesome!

This being my first night with them working I have had countless amounts people at stoplights and parking lots ask where in the hell I got that and how much I paid, so I told them SPEEDHUT.COM. You guys are great and I am absolutely, 100% satisfied with my purchase...

Thanks a million,

-Shaun H,
I just wanted to thank you for sending me my gauge set. They work great and everyone always ask me were I got them from and I am proud to say Speedhut. Thanks

-Steve A.
I ordered some El-Glo gauges last Saturday/Sunday. They were for my 2001 Mustang GT. I received them today (QUICK) around 5:00PM. I started installing them around 9:30 and was finished by 11:00. I just wanted to write this to say THANK YOU very much. They look terrific. They were manufactured exact, I didn't have to modify anything. They work great and you got them here unbelievably fast. You should be very proud of you gauges...I'm so glad I found your site. Thank you again,

-Jason E.
I would like to thank you for all your help in the custom design of the new Speedhut Tachometer and Speedometer for my Noble M400. You and your staff have been very accommodating and helpful throughout the entire process and technical support. Both gauges look and work great and are much more accurate than the originals. I am looking forward to eventually replacing all of the auxiliary gauges on the Noble with Speedhut gauges for a better look and performance. Keep up the good work,

-David L.
Hello, I received the transmission gauge (Saleen XP 6) your company custom made today. It is excellent; thank you very much for the excellent parts. I highly recommend your services!

-Bill T., Ohio
The package arrived today and the gauges are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks to all at Speedhut for the smile I am wearing. Took a picture of them, forwarded it to some friends, and already have one person drooling about wanting some for himself. I'll be sure to post a note about them in an on-line forum and in the Yahoo groups I belong to as soon as I edit/upload a photo. Thanks to all at Speedhut for the smile I am wearing.

-Ed Y.
Hey, just wanted to let you know that my tacho arrived today and wow!!!! its exactly what i wanted and more.... the logo looks excellent. I'll email some pics when I've put it on the drag mower. Thanks again,

-N.S.W. Aus
...the clock arrived safe & sound Friday evening. Very nicely prepared and packed, like a piece of art really. It works perfectly too although the hands [aka pointers] don’t light up blue like we thought, but looking at them more closely I don’t believe they are suppose to. The pointers themselves are long and sleek and very attractive though. The clock is beautiful actually and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It matches my other gauges perfectly and really makes a nice addition to my set. Thanks again to you & your team for your conscientiousness, and for taking the time to make this happen. It would have been easy for you to just say “no, we don’t offer a clock.” I’m very grateful you went the extra mile and put this order together. I’ll be reminded of it often in fact, every time I check the time while driving. Take care.

Speedhut staff just seem to understand what you’re creating here is not just some simple product that someone buys and then forgets about, they are gauges these customers will look at and depend on daily, for years. All 3 of my dealings with Speedhut over the last 18 months or so have been simply exceptional. Every effort has been made time and again to meet or exceed my expectations; From how the gauge is ultimately created and how it will look, excellent communication back and forth, even the care in how it’s packaged and shipped. Must be something in the water out there in Utah.

No one, I repeat, no one, beats Speedhut for customer service. I had a problem tachometer and once the issue was pinpointed Speedhut built a replacement tachometer and had it on my doorstep in a matter of days! That's the short version.

Here's a more detailed one:
I purchased a Speedhut Revolution series tachometer. The tachometer had an erratic needle and the usual fixes didn't work. It was determined that the HEI ignition I was using was creating the problem due to its noisy signal. Rather than have an unhappy customer, Speedhut built a new tachometer with noise suppression that dropped right in and worked PERFECTLY! That's why you should do business with this great company that is customer oriented and builds a quality product.

Thanks again, guys,

-Chris R. (Critter)
I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for such a wonderful product. I purchased your GPS speedometer during your Memorial Day sale. It was delivered on time. I installed and wired it in my Pro-Street 1967 Chevy Nova in about an hour. It works perfectly and looks great. I called tech support with a question about the wiring and the person that I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. I will be purchasing more gauges from you in the near future.

-Mike G.
I want to thank you for all the help you and anyone else at Speedhut provided. This is my first purchase from you guys. I drive a 1955 Chevy 210 and plan on a few more classic projects soon. Your customer service during this incident sealed the deal for me, I will be a Speedhut customer for as long as you're around. I am also sending you two of my friends who are in the process of completing several classic car project (1969 Camero, 1951 Chevy pickup, and a 1971 Barracuda).

Thanks again,

-Jerrit S.
Hi, just wanted to let you know I installed the gauge dials and they are perfect! They look great. Thanks for all your help.

-Chris K.
I know your gauges will play a very important part in the finished product to get that show-car look I am after. I am hoping to have one of a kind hand fabricated creation and I have chosen each piece very carefully. I am so happy that I will have your gauges in my dream car as they are nicest that I have seen!


-Gary, Canada
Speedhut, you are a great American company with an excellent reputation thank you. I have been in contact with the art department and feel very confident my gauge will be just what I want. I am really looking forward to a great looking quality 4" GPS combination gauge for my Street Tracker project in progress and close to final tear down for paint and powder coat.

-Street Tracker
Thanks Very much.

Great Customer Service

-Bruce L.
Got the gauges and they look great and perform even better. Thanks for the help.

-Trevor, California
This will be the second car I have built with your gages and believe there are no better gages on the market today.

What an incredible nice set of gauges you Speedhut people made there.


Hey guys at Speedhut,
...I absolutely love what you're doing here! I'm a hugenormic car nut...and I'm also a patriot and strive to support my American companies wherever I can. I'm not yet ready to order a set of your beautiful gauges...but I know that I definitely will be when the time comes! I have mega plans for my 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z.

...My dad is an engineer/do it all car guy that wants to start building some wicked high-tech hot rods. He showed me you guys and talked about putting some of your sweet gauges in them as well. Keep rockin' and stay American my friends!

-Brandon B.
Thanks for answering my questions and the colours for the logo are excellent.

I understand just how busy you must be after the sale and I appreciate the communication and how detailed you are with this approval of art work system you have.
Very impressive!

-Scott R.
Howdy, I recently ordered a complete set of your custom gauges and they arrived last night. As a professional designer and former fabricator I have a tendency to be incredibly particular. It is a rare occasion that my expectations are exceeded. However with that said I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. When I opened the box last night I was blown away. The gauges are absolutely beautiful and the build quality was higher than I could have possibly imagined. They are going in a 1966 Mustang fastback that I am building from the ground up. Every square inch is being scrutinized and massaged if not redesigned completely. Off all the work I have done to customize the interior, and in particular the dash. These are the absolute centerpiece of the interior.

Thank you again for making such a quality product. Every single car guy I know will be hearing about this. I feel like it is important that everyone knows there is a relatively affordable custom option available. I mean, after seeing what you guys can do I simply can not imagine why anyone would settle for generic gauges. After all it's what you see most often in your car. When the install is complete I will get some decent photography for you.


-Ryan S.
Arrived...!!Absolutely fabulous,thanks for everything and merry christmas!!

- Petri M.
My new Speedhut gauges in my dash bezel ready for installation. I was very impressed with the customizable options and pricing.

What amazed me was that not only was I getting high quality, made in the USA, gauges personally customized for my application that were loaded with additional features/options, and I actually spent less than if I went with the generic options of your competitors.

I can't say enough how happy I am with your products and your customer service was excellent.

-Nick L.
Parcel arrived.
The product.
Dealing with you guys - Jessica in the Art Dept. Aaron in Shipping and every one else in Speedhut.
Delivery in 1.5 days from Orem to my sleepy village in UK.

Everything absolutely superb. It truly has been a pleasure.

Thank you.

-John M., UK
I have received the custom set of Revolution gauges...They are BEAUTIFUL...They are what I like most, UNIQUE.

It is fun to be as old as I am and finally be getting what I want the way I want. BRAVO Speed Hut ! ! !

-Richard M.
I received the Tachometer today and I've gotta say I'm very impressed...absolutely love it...perfect!

The warp speed postage was fantastic as well.

Thank you for your patience and persistence with getting it right, great job and I will most certainly be back for more.

-Brenton W.
Hello, just wanted to write and say that the Moto G gauges came out perfect!

Thank you again for your custom options, and attention to detail.

All the best,

-Joe A.
I received my CJ Speedometer the other day and all I can say is WOW this is truly a well built piece. I can't wait to get it installed and solve several problems I currently have that your speedometer will fix.

I'm now compelled to place an order for the Volt & Oil Pressure Gauge. Thanks again for such a Great Product looking for many more years of driving the old girl.

-Norman J.
Just a big thanks to you and all involved at Speedhut to get the gauges to us.

The gauges got here brilliantly packaged and in record time, even got a complimentary T-shirt. The gauges looks absolutely stunning and we can't wait to get them in the car.

Thanks again to all and especially to you for your efforts in getting the address right.

Kind regards.

-Madelein & "Q", South Africa
You know it's good company, by the way they deal with customer problems.
Top gauges
Top people
Thank you Speedhut.

-Andy B.
I haven't stopped talking about your site since I placed the order today. You guys really have it together!

-Brian B.
Make sure to tell your boss that one of your customers said you should make more money because you do, "above and beyond work".

I think the gauges look fantastic and I appreciate you doing the work and sending them to me...

-Dave C.
I really really appreciate the amount of customization you all allow, I am thrilled I am able to get exactly what I want! I actually have $1000 of new **** gauges I am dumping for these, I am that impressed!


-Kent H.
Just received my volt and oil pressure gauges today...These are hands down the best gauges I have ever purchased and they look great in my CJ. Thanks again for producing a quality product and for being American made.

Thanks for the great customer service. It really means a lot.

Today, I have recieved my gauges and I couldn't believe my eyes. These gauges are outstanding, extraordinary, unbelievable...I have been collecting parts for my 1974 Pontiac Transam for a very long time and I have to say that the best looking product since today are my new gauges.

Thank You for being such an idealistic company.
Thank You Thank You Thank You...

-Mert C.
I got them today! They looked great! You guys do great work...

-Todd W.
I just received my gauges last night. I could not be happier! I originally ordered white day numbers and red night. The red was too dim for me...I sent my gauges back to get them changed...Absolutely no hassle!!! I love the GPS Speed-O and the Tach works flawlessly. You have earned a customer for life. God Bless and again my utmost thanks for the way you do business.

-Donald N., Oregon
Our gauges arrived yesterday and look fantastic and exactly as we imagined them. We (my sons & I) just want to thank you for your exceptional service and especially with persevering with the problems with our logos. The whole process from start to finish has been great including the initial assistance we received from Jory regarding which gauge type to go with. I am not usually inclined to send such emails but it is certainly warranted. I will be going along to our usual monthly local Cobra Club meeting this weekend and showing the guys the gauges and I am sure they will be impressed...

-Brian H.
To all concerned, A very big Thank you. My shipment of gauges arrived in a really fast time (I'm in New Zealand), and thanks to you guys/gals for the shipping form I didn't have to pay duty. Thank you also for the stickers and t-shirt, is coming on summer over here and have a few rod shows coming up so will wear it proudly - bonus is it's my size. A bad pun, but you've put a dial on my smile :) Thanks again for a great product and great service. I look forward to dealing with you again soon. Kind Regards,

-David W., New Zealand
If you want custom gauges look no further Speedhut offer in my opinion the best options out there feature packed, super quality, great warranty and easy set up. I've got Speedhut gauges in two of my cars my 53 Chev and an Austin A40 gasser project and I wouldn't use anything else. The trip meter has many functions other than the obvious there's 0-60 time, 1/4 mile time, direction north south east west etc etc, altitude and top speed last drive and more that I can't recall off hand. And GPS means no more speedo cables or inaccurate speeds, these are deadly accurate no matter what diff ratio or tyre size. Great gauges, great people, awesome customization features just simply the best. If you need great gauges Speedhut is the name to remember.

...Thank you for the great job on my boost gauge, it matches perfectly with my wideband gauge. Thanks for the great service and I will be recommending y'all.

Hey, just wanted to thank you for the very fine gauges for my 39 Chevy. they looked super nice, very well packed and super fast delivery, from you, to Norway, just three days delivered to my door!

Very satisfied, You are the best!!!

-Geir S., Norway
I received my gauges back! Thank you, they look really good! ...Thank all the rest of the guys for all the work they put into them for me, it is much appreciated

I haven't had a chance to hook them up to power yet, but i am confident they will be great. It may take me a while to get them fitted properly (car is going into body this weekend), but i will eventually send you a completed picture!

-Kent H.
Wanted to share my endorsement of your Jeep CJ gauge kit. I have performed many vintage auto restorations over the years and I am quite pleased with the unsurpassed quality and ease of installation of your Jeep CJ kit. Instructions are suitable to novice or pro and the precision fitment and performance accuracy are spot on. Thank you for offering a super product that is made in the grand ol' USA.

-Dan J., Hampstead, NC
I just thought I'd send you a note to say how happy I am with the new speedometer.

It works great, no more cable noise, and it looks really nice also.

Best regards,

- Bert E., Highlands, NJ
I just did a temporary install of my new GPS Speedometer. I was amazed how easy it was. I took my Jeep out for a drive and your speedo works great. I checked it against one of our city speed control setups and it was right on. I can hardly wait for warm weather so I can do a permanent install.

Thank you for a great product...well worth the time and money.

-Alvin N.
Thank you for sending me the wiring harness before my gauges are built. It helped out a lot. This is what customer service is all about.

-Jeremy H.
Hi...the crew at Speedhut,

Thank you for your assistance, your service is fantastic and prompt delivery by DHL U.S to Australia within 2 days.

Your product is awesome, I loved the options and ability to design my gauges to suit. I can't wait to fit them.
Thank you also for my surprise bonus of stickers and T-shirt which I'll proudly wear.

I will highly recommend Speedhut

Kind Regards

-Mark, Australia
Just wanted to comment on my recent purchase. I bought a Speedhut 2-1/16" Tachometer thru Amazon. I needed a lower RPM tach for my Overlanding truck, and because its a very mild big block, I didn't want some crazy 12k RPM tach that I will barely get the needle to move. I have always used [another brand] gauges and been very happy with them, but while looking around I found yours. The price was comparable to [the other brand], but with the added bonus of a built in shift light. On a whim I decided to take a chance.....I'm glad I did! I have been very impressed with the overall quality of the gauge, and the performance has been great. Next vehicle I build I plan to get a full set of custom gauges. Being able to customize the gauges is an incredible added bonus! I'm glad to see a good product proudly made in the USA. Looks like I have found my new favorite gauge manufacturer! Thanks for a great product!

-Eddie B. , Wichita, KS
Hey guys. I received my gauges the other day and was a bit nervous upon opening whether you got my gauges exactly as requested. Well I just want to say you nailed it. I was blown away at the quality of the gauges themselves and all the necessary wiring. They look AMAZING!!! Thanks to all that were involved. Trust me when I tell you that Speedhut are the only aftermarket gauges that will ever be used in any of my custom builds and I mean EVER!!! And believe me I will tell everyone I know about you guys. I'm so happy I can't thank you enough. But THANK YOU!!! x 1 million.

-Kris S., NY
...I installed 5 new Speedhut gauges in my car. I already had 2 Speedhut gauges, so I disconnected those 2 so I could daisy-chain all 7 gauges. What a pleasure! The multi-gauge harnesses are fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the installation process. Awesome. By the way, I'm 62 years old so this wasn't my first gauge install.

-David B., Maryland
I just installed your GPS speedometer in my 1955 Ford. The ease of installation was great. I wanted to compliment you on your product, and the accuracy and simple installation. I will recommend your products to anyone that ask. Again thanks for a fine product.

-Dennis A., Morristown, TN
Just wanted to "Thank you" for the beautiful workmanship on the custom speedo. It turned out exactly or even better than I thought it would. The speedo will be going in a "Ford Model T Speedster" and will be enclosed in a brass housing...Once again, Thank you very much for the beautiful piece.

-Richard L., Brighton, MI
Speedhut gauges set a new standard for quality and looks!

Everyone that looks at my new gauges says, "WOW" or "Oooh those are NICE!" (with a drool and glassy eyes! Myself included!)

I love the thin design and spin on mounting ring, plus getting all of the senders and wiring with the cost of the gauge!

I don't usually get this excited about anything, but I felt like a kid again waiting for Christmas day to arrive so I could unwrap my new toys!

Great job to the crew at Speedhut!


-Darrell E.
Hey guys at Speedhut, wanted you to know the new gauge set I bought is awesome! They look great and work even better! Everyone who has seen them says the same. Went from ordering online to installed in less than 3 weeks! Incredibly fast and easy to install, even this amateur had no problem. Great product, I'm very pleased with my new gauges.

Thanks again,

-Scott, Ontario
When I built my '80 Chev. C10 (5.3L/4L60E swap) I wanted a tachometer with the early look of a column mounted tach, but with modern reliability and adaptability. Your tachometer filled the bill, nicely. With your instructions, I was able to get the tach to use the PCM tach output without a hitch. Even though the engine is capable of surpassing the 6k rpm limit, I'll never be spinning it that high, and with the "wider" spread of the numbers, it's easier to see where the engine rpm's are, as cruising rpm is around 1850 @ 70mph. Thanks

Lee E.
Manchester, CT

-Lee E., Manchester CT
I called customer support today and received excellent help. I pulled my instrument panel out of my Mustang to track down an electrical problem and inadvertently put too much strain on one of my fuel gauge wires, pulling it out of the printed circuit board.

With disassembled dual gauge in hand, I called the support number. After a few qualifying questions, the proper "hole" was identified. Had the car back running a half an hour later.

Your products and service are why I have an oil temp, trans temp, two dual gauges and a GPS speedometer from Speedhut. I also have a new tachometer on order as well.

Thanks again for the help.
Barry Levey - happy customer

-Barry L.
Just letting you know my gauge arrived and is working great. I could not be happier with how it looks and performs. It didn't take long to figure out my fuel mixture was off and with only a single metering rod change, the truck is running better then it ever has in the 17 years I have been working on it. I could not have dialed it in so close and so quick without the use of the wide band.

You should be proud of the quality products and service you provide. And on top of all that, it's built in the USA.

Thanks again,
William H.

-William H.
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